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Origo's Application Architecture Practice

Our application architecture practice is comprised of a highly specialized group of individuals with extensive experience in software design and architecture. Our thought leaders in this area come from diverse backgrounds in industry with impressive credentials.

Our design practice is anchored in thorough validation and qualification of underlying requirements, business rules and practices at both functional and process oriented levels. Once requirements and business rules are identified and validated, a prototypical analysis is performed using various tools and skill sets. This practice yields artifacts such as case models, sequence models, wire frames and collaboration models which form the basis of a framework for solution design.

Our library of prototypes and design patterns includes industry standards and a wide array of homegrown component patterns and best practices that have been tested and proven over the years. The benefit to our clients is clearly a path towards rapid solution realization while increasing and improving quality through component and aspect reuse.

The discipline of application architecture from an Origo perspective, involves the fabrication of homogenous solutions of elegant, functional and visionary stature, born out of simple or complex systems, interactions, components and aspects. Firstly, the approach towards solution architecture considers the required objectives from a client’s perspective, while maintaining a keen understanding of the nature of the required solution scope, timeline and space. Having a clear understanding of these factors provides us a favorable advantage in providing our clients with solutions that consistently exceed expectations.



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