Security, Identity and Access Management.

Barricade Identity Assurance

Barricade™ Identity Assurance is a great solution for protecting your identity on the internet. We monitor your identity on the dark web and notify immediately whenever breaches happen that impact you personal information.
With Barricade Identity Assurance you get reimbursed up to $75,000 for any data loss you experience when your information is compromised.
Your Barricade Identity Assurance subscription also provides all the capabilities of Gazelle's CORE platform for managing your personal data and secure social collaboration.

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Tools for protecting you digital identity, data and processes.

Barricade™ protects the platform, users and resources. Barricade™ is used to authenticate and authorize users as they log into the platform.

It works with various security standards and products like Active Directory, SAML and OAUTH/2. Barricade is designed to issue and manage fine grained security privileges through flexible entitlement schemes that can be adapted to any identity management and resource security model.

This tool enables the secure operaton and controlled access to all resources in Gazelle™.



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